Underwater Tablet

Depth Rated. Full Functionality.
This product has been discontinued

Depth Rated Underwater Housing For Touch Tablets

Computing power underwater up to 200ft

Introducing the first ever underwater tablet housing that not only has a real depth rating but also full functionality. You have complete use of the touch screen underwater, anything you can do with your finger out of the water you can now do underwater. The model shown has an Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 7.0 Plus running Android™  but the patent pending technology can be applied to almost any touch screen device. To operate the touch screen the housing has what might simplistically be described as a computer mouse on the outside of the glass that is moved around and operated just like a typical computer mouse, this motion is transferred to a device on the inside of the housing which duplicates the movement and creates a pseudo finger touch when you click the mouse.

With this housing any app can now be used underwater, from remote camera control to completing surveys and even playing games.

* Samsung Galaxy Tab and Android  are trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co. and Google Inc. respectively

Full Functionality, Underwater

The  housing gives you complete access to all of the tablets features up to 200ft underwater. You can use all of the touch screen underwater, both front and back cameras have ports and the housing has a connector allowing access to the USB port. 

While underwater you will not have access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cell phone connectivity, these rely on radio waves and will be blocked by the water. However when out of the water, and with the tablet still in the housings, these features will work allowing you to wirelessly access the tablet and download data.

Customized Commerical Applications

Dive Xtras is currently only creating housings for commercial clients only. If your business has an application you would like us to look at, give us a call at 425.296.6570  or email us at info@dive-xtras.com.

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