Range, Speed and Weight Perfected
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Range, Speed and Weight Perfected

This X-Scooter sets new standards for performance. Only 5lbs/2kg heavier than a Sierra, but….. with the performance of almost two CUDA 650’s.

The CUDA Fury 1150 has been around for a while now AKA the Mini CUDA, and with the launch of the Fury line of Lithium X-Scooters It was an obvious choice to make available as a package. The ultimate Sleeper (Q-car) it looks like a Sierra until it blows past you in a cloud of bubbles.

With all the great features of a CUDA; brushless motor, electronic speed control and Trigger Shift on the Fly, the Lithium Ion battery allows us to make the package even smaller, only 42lbs/19kg, and actually increase the battery capacity from approximate 650Wh to 1150Wh.



While the endurance of the Fury lithium batteries is amazing there are some facts that should be considered when evaluating a Fury scooter.

  • Lithium batteries of this size are considered hazardous materials and so you cannot take them on a passenger airline nor ship them easily **
  • The Fury batteries are expensive and contain a lot of energy. Special note of these facts should be considered if you like to abuse your equipment or don’t follow usage instructions well.
  • Shipping is only available to commercial US addresses and some selected major international airports
  • Battery disclosure sheet must be read and signed prior to shipping.

The Lithium Fury Batteries require a disclaimer to be read and signed prior to shipping. If you intend to purchase a Fury battery, please read and sign (with witness) the below form and return to us.

Scan and email to
Fax to +(1) 425 493 9320
Battery Disclaimer

** Lithium-Ion batteries of this size and weight are considered to be hazardous materials, as covered by DOT CFR 49, Parts 173.185, and 172.102Transportation is prohibited on passenger airlines. This greatly impacts the ease of transportation. These batteries cannot be legally carried on to passenger aircraft, carried as checked baggage on passenger aircraft, or shipped without a hazardous materials declaration, by a licensed carrier. Other prohibitions and regulations may exist for both domestic and foreign shipments.

Brushless Motors

Very reliable and durable motors designed specifically for our scooters. They are extremely lightweight and efficient for their size.


Electronic Speed Control

"On the Fly" shift gears. Click to slow down. Double click to speed up. The CUDA series has 8 gears. When initially turning on the scooter it will always be in 3rd gear.


Variable Pitch Propeller

Tweek your scooters performance by adjusting the angle of the propeller blades. This is done easily in the middle of a dive by turning the pitch knob on the back of the propeller.

Minimalist Design

Every aspect of the scooter was made to be bulletproof. From the 2 penetration design, 600ft depth rated aluminum body and tail, or the magnetically driven speed control.


Utility D-Ring

Clip off your scooter easily with the front mounted D-Ring. Mounting the D-Ring is a sacrificial zinc bracket. The bracket deters corrosion to the aluminum body and tail.


Tow Behind Design

Ride effortlessly through the water. Adjust your tow cord to fit your needs. The better your trim when scootering, the more efficient your scooter.

CUDA Fury 1150 Specifications Compare All X-Scooters >

Performance Charts Imperial; Metric
Depth Rating 600ft; 180m
Weight 42lbs; 19kg
Thrust 78 lbs
Max Speed 268ft/min; 82m/min
Range at Max Speed/Max Drag 3.2 miles; 5.1km
Run Time at Max Speed/Max Drag 63 min
Cruise Range (150ft/min; 45m/min) 8.9 miles; 14.3km
Duration at Cruise Speed 315 min
Battery Specifications  
Battery Chemistry Liion
Battery Voltage 44.4V
Battery Capacity Nominal 26Ah 1150Wh
Cells 1865 Liion Cells
Charger 110/240V
Charge Time 12 hours


Seal Protectors

Keep your X-Scooter safe during travel or when in storage. Learn More >

Deluxe Camera Mount

Turn your X-Scooter into a 360° rotating tripod. Learn More >

Gauge Mounts

Free up your body and equip your dive gauges to your scooter. Learn More >

Crotch Strap

Distributes the weight of your body for a comfortable ride. Learn More >
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